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Love by the Books: Compilation Edition Available Now!

It’s finished!!  I am so excited to be releasing my first collection of short stories.


I had a wonderful chat with my adorable publishers (love them SO much) last night and then I got the final copy versions to release today!!

This is a compilation of my first four short stories: Smoothie Operator, The Sort of First Date, The First Date, and One Last Chance.

How many bad dates would you have to go on before giving up on the woman of your dreams?

Abby Jennings feels a little out of her element going back to school to become a librarian:  she’s older than her fellow classmates and the world seems to move a heck of a lot faster than it used to.  But between classes, the busy college café offers an unexpected haven in the form of delicious smoothies…and smiles from the woman behind the smoothie counter.

But whenever Abby and the incredibly attractive Jane try to get together for a date, disaster seems to strike.  Are Abby and Jane meant to be, or will too many bad dates in a row break up the couple before they even start?

Love by the Books is a sweet, funny story about the adventures of two women falling in love.  This is the complete collection of the four Love by the Books short stories:  “Smoothie Operator,” “The Sort-of First Date,” “The First Date” and “One Last Chance.”   It is approximately 20,000 words long (several hours of enjoyable reading or so).

It’s available right now on Smashwords, and then later today it will be on Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

Coming soon: Mountain Chicken Roundup and The Secret Admirer!