Short Stories

Here is a list of my stand alone short stories.  I like to think of them like cupcakes, just a little taste of something sweet.  It won’t ruin your appetite and it leaves a sweet taste when it’s gone.

Mountain Chicken Roundup
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It all began with eight chickens…

Delia Carpenter takes her daily walk up on a gorgeous nature trail in the Maine mountains.  Normally, those walks are pretty uneventful—but one day, she happens to find the most unexpected of animals off the path.  A domestic chicken.  Delia grew up on a farm many years ago, and manages to corral the chicken to take to the ranger station.

And at the ranger station, there are several more chickens, and an unexpected but incredibly attractive new ranger.  Avery Harper is filling in for the usual ranger, and now has an interesting predicament on her hands:  there are even more chickens than the ones Delia and Avery found.  And they’re getting out of hand.

Delia never thought she’d be spending her afternoon helping an incredibly attractive park ranger round up chickens.  But then, the day takes an even more interesting turn…

“Mountain Chicken Roundup” is a funny, sweet romantic short story and is approximately 5,000 words long (about an hour of reading or so).

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