Love by the Books: Finished! Available Soon!

I just penned the ending line of my Love by the Books Series!! It goes to edits now. Part III is with my lovely wonderful editors now and I’ll be putting it out soon. I hope you’ll like it! I really enjoyed writing it.

I’ve sort of started working on two new stories, I’m hoping for these to be novellas instead of short stories. One of them is an adorable office romance and the other one is sort of set in a manor house. It’s still contemporary, but it’s got this grand setting. I’m have a delightful time trying to think of a name for the manor. Willow Lake Estates or maybe just the Willows.

It was really foggy as I headed to the day job this morning, gave everything a kind of English countryside type feel to it and made me REALLY crave tea. I imagined myself sitting beside a window with a typewriter tapping out stories onto stacks of white paper. Quelle romantique thought. Now I just need to find myself a window looking out over fields full of sheep. The window of the Starbucks looking out towards the drug store just isn’t quite the same. *laughs*

We make do. Much love to all of you!

Nearly There!

I’m nearly finished with the Love by the Books series, and Jane surprised me in this last story by revealing something about herself that I never knew! It’s a wonderful little wrinkle in the story and I’m loving it. It’s exciting when characters teach you things about themselves when you’re writing their stories.

I am beyond excited that people are reading my stories, I hope you’re all enjoying them! I’d be delighted to hear from you if you like the stories.

It’s been a long week here at the Day Job, but it’s finally Friday and although it’s going to be a long day today, I’m looking forward to taking my sweetie out to dinner tonight and then heading home for some writing time!

I hope your weekends are as lovely as I hope mine to be.

The Sort of First Date is Live Now!

I’m beyond excited!! My second story, “The Sort of First Date” is up on Smashwords!!

This is the second story in the Love by the Books series, so if you’re looking for more Abby and Jane here you are! I’d love to hear what you think of the story and I hope that you enjoy it.

Part III goes into edits this afternoon!

It’ll be up soon on Amazon and Barnes and Noble too! [ Edit – It’s live on Amazon right now!  – ]  You can get the first inside look on smashwords right now!

Wooly Hats

I got to wear a wooly hat when I drove to work this morning! And a scarf! And long sleeves!

Such things delight me. Yes, another fall is my favorite time of year ode.

I’m getting together with some writer-y friends soon and we’ll all sit around drinking tea (or coffee) and writing up a little storm. I like to imagine us all sitting around with little tag cloud style clusters of words forming colorful clouds over our heads. Wouldn’t that be fun to watch? Of course, it would rather give one away if someone was sneaking in time on her stories while she was at the Day Job. Not that I know ANYONE who would do such a thing. Never at all.

I’m craving this curried coconut chickpea soup that I had at a little local restaurant. I should get myself onto the internet to search for recipes because WOW was it ever delicious and I really really want some more.

Scarce a Word!

Hello everyone!

I fell quite behind this weekend, I had intended to complete the first draft of part III of my Love by the Books series, but I got wrapped up with doing laundry, of all the mundane things. Bleh, the day job had me working a lot of extra hours the last two weeks and my writing has suffered for it, sadly. I fully intend to make up for it this week! I want to get the second story live for all of you, and the third story soon after.

Part four isn’t started yet, but I have PLANS. And I think you’ll like them.

The leaves are turning orange and red here at home and it’s just WONDERFUL. I adore the fall, pumpkin spiced everything and hot cider and crisp cool air. I need to write a romance that involves dancing in fallen leaves and a hike through the woods. Maybe a harvest party should feature.

Hope you all had lovely weekends as well, and that your weather is as nice as mine.

Good Morning All! Good Reads!

Hello everyone!

I’ve gotten myself set up with a GoodReads Author Page –

I’m really excited by that, it makes me feel… somehow more real! Although, I must admit, the most surreal thing was searching for myself on Amazon and FINDING MYSELF THERE! It’s doing my head in just about. In a very lovely way.

My publisher also told me that someone was asking on twitter when my next book was going to be out and it made my day!!! To know that one of you amazing people read my story and liked it and WANTED MORE!

It’s coming soon! Tentatively titled "The Sort of First Date" there’s more Jane and Abby on its way to you.

I hope you all have an amazing day, the weather is getting cooler around here and I’m looking forward to hot cider and writing times!

Great writing day

My wife has promised to take me on a ‘Writing Date’ tomorrow and I can’t wait. I wrote a LOT today to finish up the first draft of the second story in my Love by the Books series. I’m loving how Abby and Jane interact. I live for writing dialog. I just love how people talk to each other.

I hope you do too.

My first book showed up live in Amazon today and it almost made me faint with excitement! It’s kind of surreal to see your own name on a big site like that!

The weather is starting to get cooler here and my thoughts turn to hot tea and fall leaves. I start knitting a lot more and I look forward to scarves and mittens. I hope the real cold of winter stays away for a while, but fall can settle in and stay as long as she wants!

I wish you all the joys of fall and send you all lots of love.

Smoothie Operator

Smoothie Operator

Would you have the courage to ask a woman out, even if you weren’t sure she was gay?

Abby Jennings feels a little out of her element going back to school to become a librarian:  she’s older than her fellow classmates and the world seems to move a heck of a lot faster than it used to.  But between classes, the busy college café offers an unexpected haven in the form of delicious smoothies…and smiles from the woman behind the smoothie counter.

Jane is absolutely gorgeous, and is always incredibly nice to Abby, but she’s supposed to be nice, isn’t she?  That’s her job.  But when Jane starts to give Abby free smoothies, Abby wonders if she’s interpreting the signals correctly:  does Jane actually like her? 

“Smoothie Operator” is a sweet, funny short story, the first in the “Love by the Books” series, about the adventures of two women falling in love.  It is approximately 5,000 words long (about an hour of reading or so).

You can buy this book now:

Buy on Smashwords  | Buy on Amazon (Kindle) |  Buy on Barnes and Noble (Nook)

Good writing day

My wife and I went out on a writing date yesterday and had a really good time. I’ve been trying to achieve a certain word count every day and yesterday I doubled it! That felt really good. I’m getting ready to release my first story! It’s a little bit of a whirlwind right now, but in a very good way.

We drank a whole lot of tea and a piece of chocolate cake was involved too. A nice reward for writing.

I am SO indebted to the lovely ladies at Rose and Star Press who are helping me learn the ropes of e-book preparation, and making sure that what I’m sharing is the best that it can possibly be.

I can’t wait to tell you more about it. Stay tuned!