Book Release: Falling Into You

Hey Everybody! Falling Into you was just submitted to Amazon! I kept saying coming soon but now it’s coming now!! Okay, well as soon as Amazon works it through their magical publishing gears. Stay tuned to my Amazon page and it will be there REALLY SOON! I promise, Scouts Honor!

Edit – You can buy it now!  Here on Amazon!

Blue haired girl stand on the ends of the earth

Here’s what it’s about.

Falling into You:

Astrid Jones is unlucky in life and unlucky in love.

So when she crashes directly into a gorgeous woman and then races off without even getting her name, she chalks it up as just another clumsy accident in a lifetime of comic mishaps.

But then Astrid runs into the same woman on a hike she never wanted to be on, and she starts to wonder if maybe her luck is changing. Did she really win over the beautiful Molly Perkins with a handful of blueberries and some Wonder Woman jokes? Or is this just another dating disaster waiting to happen?

FALLING INTO YOU is a sweet, funny, romantic short story about two women falling in love who, over a series of hilarious misadventures, realize that there are no accidents in love.

BIG NEWS!! I finally enrolled my books i


I finally enrolled my books in Kindle Unlimited! That means that you can READ THEM ALL FOR FREE there!

I’m really excited to finally be in the Kindle Unlimited Program, and I hope you’ll all keep reading and enjoying my work!

Amazon Author Page where you can find all my books:

I spent this weekend at a cabin with Mar

I spent this weekend at a cabin with Marian and my knitting friends. We all try to go away for a weekend every year where we dye yarns and wool and generally have fun. I made some beautiful purple and blue wool that I’ll be spinning on my drop spindles soon.

But now I’m back in the writing chair and trying to finish up a short story so I can get it out of my brain and then I can go back to Scarlett and Joan.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too!

Back in the saddle?

I am tentatively saying that I’ve got back into the saddle! I wrote around 5K in the last two days on a new story.

It’s Scarlett and Joan’s story, they dated in high school in secret, but couldn’t survive in the really rural town they came from. Their relationship ended and Scarlett went away to college in the big city. Many years later, after her business failed, Scarlett finds herself on a train coming back ‘home’ to a place that feels anything but home. She is shocked to Joan waiting for her at the train station.

Joan, fresh from a failed marriage, was definitely not expecting Scarlett to step off the train. She wants the past to stay in the past where it’s safe, but Scarlett’s arrival seems to have thrown everything into an uproar. Long squashed feelings are cropping up everywhere.

Can Scarlett forgive the hurt that Joan caused her in the past, can Joan accept the way she feels about Scarlett? And can they handle being together in a small town where it seems like no one else is gay?

Stay tuned! 🙂 The story is working itself out in ways I didn’t really expect. And it keeps growing.

I Inherited a Mansion

The holidays were wonderful here at our house and I was spoiled by some lovely gifts. The only downside was that I got away from my habit of writing every day and I fell behind. But I’m back in the saddle, as it were, and working away on a new story!

It doesn’t have a title yet, but here’s a little teaser!

<i>Ruth was very close to her grandmother Mary, she used to spend every summer with her and learned to knit sitting next to her out on the porch. When Ruth came out in college and the entire family disowned her, Grandma Mary took her in and gave her all the love and support she needed. So when Mary passes away she leaves everything to Ruth. The only thing is, the old family house is actually an old historic mansion, and Grandma Mary actually had a small fortune squirreled away.

Suddenly every relative is knocking down the door and trying to get ‘their fair share’ of Grandma Mary’s money, even though none of them could spare her the time of day before she died. Ruth is angry and a little bit afraid. She knows the family just wants to sell the house and divide up the spoils. So she’s going to do everything she can to save it.

She’s approached by a woman, Genevieve, who works with a small conservation group who wants to help restore the house and open it to the public. As the two women fight to save the house and honor Grandma Mary’s memory they find more than they bargained for underneath the layers of dust.</i>

Day after Christmas Release: Mountain Chicken Roundup

New Release: Mountain Chicken Roundup

Remember that crazy story that I kept talking about?  The one with the chickens? Well it’s published!  I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Buy on Smashwords | Buy on Barnes and Noble | Buy on Amazon


It all began with eight chickens…

Delia Carpenter takes her daily walk up on a gorgeous nature trail in the Maine mountains.  Normally, those walks are pretty uneventful—but one day, she happens to find the most unexpected of animals off the path.  A domestic chicken.  Delia grew up on a farm many years ago, and manages to corral the chicken to take to the ranger station.

And at the ranger station, there are several more chickens, and an unexpected but incredibly attractive new ranger.  Avery Harper is filling in for the usual ranger, and now has an interesting predicament on her hands:  there are even more chickens than the ones Delia and Avery found.  And they’re getting out of hand.

Delia never thought she’d be spending her afternoon helping an incredibly attractive park ranger round up chickens.  But then, the day takes an even more interesting turn…

“Mountain Chicken Roundup” is a funny, sweet romantic short story and is approximately 5,000 words long (about an hour of reading or so).

Love by the Books: Compilation Edition Available Now!

It’s finished!!  I am so excited to be releasing my first collection of short stories.


I had a wonderful chat with my adorable publishers (love them SO much) last night and then I got the final copy versions to release today!!

This is a compilation of my first four short stories: Smoothie Operator, The Sort of First Date, The First Date, and One Last Chance.

How many bad dates would you have to go on before giving up on the woman of your dreams?

Abby Jennings feels a little out of her element going back to school to become a librarian:  she’s older than her fellow classmates and the world seems to move a heck of a lot faster than it used to.  But between classes, the busy college café offers an unexpected haven in the form of delicious smoothies…and smiles from the woman behind the smoothie counter.

But whenever Abby and the incredibly attractive Jane try to get together for a date, disaster seems to strike.  Are Abby and Jane meant to be, or will too many bad dates in a row break up the couple before they even start?

Love by the Books is a sweet, funny story about the adventures of two women falling in love.  This is the complete collection of the four Love by the Books short stories:  “Smoothie Operator,” “The Sort-of First Date,” “The First Date” and “One Last Chance.”   It is approximately 20,000 words long (several hours of enjoyable reading or so).

It’s available right now on Smashwords, and then later today it will be on Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

Coming soon: Mountain Chicken Roundup and The Secret Admirer!

It’s complete!

The last story is finally published!  Love by the Books is done!


How many bad dates would you have to go on before giving up on the woman of your dreams?

Abby Jennings has been having a run of bad luck.  She found herself falling for an absolutely gorgeous woman—who, for once in her life, appeared to be interested in Abby!  But whenever Abby and the incredibly attractive Jane try to get together for a date, disaster seems to strike.  And when their first official date crashes and burns when Jane’s terrible ex-girlfriend appears, it seems as if Abby and Jane aren’t really meant to be after all.

But Abby wants to give it one last chance…

“One Last Chance” is a sweet, funny short story, the fourth and last in the “Love by the Books” series, about the adventures of two women falling in love.  It is approximately 5,500 words long (about an hour of reading or so).

It’s available right now on Smashwords.  And by tomorrow it’s going to be on BN and Amazon too.

And I am SO.  Excited!

There’s going to be a compilation edition soon as well 🙂

Rhode Island Red

I got a bit side tracked by a story idea. I’m writing a romance that has chickens in it. No, not a ‘hen party’ but actual chickens. *Giggles* I’m considering naming it "Love in the Time Chickens" or "Romance and the Rhode Island Red".

I’m sitting here in my favorite cafe and giggling to myself while writing about a chicken.

And now I must be getting back to my stories.

😀 Chickens!

The First Date (Book 3 of Love by the Books) is out!

Last night I released the third installment of my Abby and Jane (Love by the Books).

You can find it online now!

Amazon –
Barnes and Noble –
Smashwords –

And I’ve heard from my lovely editors, the final story will probably be out Next Week!! Stay tuned!