Book Release: Falling Into You

Hey Everybody! Falling Into you was just submitted to Amazon! I kept saying coming soon but now it’s coming now!! Okay, well as soon as Amazon works it through their magical publishing gears. Stay tuned to my Amazon page and it will be there REALLY SOON! I promise, Scouts Honor!

Edit – You can buy it now!  Here on Amazon!

Blue haired girl stand on the ends of the earth

Here’s what it’s about.

Falling into You:

Astrid Jones is unlucky in life and unlucky in love.

So when she crashes directly into a gorgeous woman and then races off without even getting her name, she chalks it up as just another clumsy accident in a lifetime of comic mishaps.

But then Astrid runs into the same woman on a hike she never wanted to be on, and she starts to wonder if maybe her luck is changing. Did she really win over the beautiful Molly Perkins with a handful of blueberries and some Wonder Woman jokes? Or is this just another dating disaster waiting to happen?

FALLING INTO YOU is a sweet, funny, romantic short story about two women falling in love who, over a series of hilarious misadventures, realize that there are no accidents in love.


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