I Inherited a Mansion

The holidays were wonderful here at our house and I was spoiled by some lovely gifts. The only downside was that I got away from my habit of writing every day and I fell behind. But I’m back in the saddle, as it were, and working away on a new story!

It doesn’t have a title yet, but here’s a little teaser!

<i>Ruth was very close to her grandmother Mary, she used to spend every summer with her and learned to knit sitting next to her out on the porch. When Ruth came out in college and the entire family disowned her, Grandma Mary took her in and gave her all the love and support she needed. So when Mary passes away she leaves everything to Ruth. The only thing is, the old family house is actually an old historic mansion, and Grandma Mary actually had a small fortune squirreled away.

Suddenly every relative is knocking down the door and trying to get ‘their fair share’ of Grandma Mary’s money, even though none of them could spare her the time of day before she died. Ruth is angry and a little bit afraid. She knows the family just wants to sell the house and divide up the spoils. So she’s going to do everything she can to save it.

She’s approached by a woman, Genevieve, who works with a small conservation group who wants to help restore the house and open it to the public. As the two women fight to save the house and honor Grandma Mary’s memory they find more than they bargained for underneath the layers of dust.</i>


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