It’s complete!

The last story is finally published!  Love by the Books is done!


How many bad dates would you have to go on before giving up on the woman of your dreams?

Abby Jennings has been having a run of bad luck.  She found herself falling for an absolutely gorgeous woman—who, for once in her life, appeared to be interested in Abby!  But whenever Abby and the incredibly attractive Jane try to get together for a date, disaster seems to strike.  And when their first official date crashes and burns when Jane’s terrible ex-girlfriend appears, it seems as if Abby and Jane aren’t really meant to be after all.

But Abby wants to give it one last chance…

“One Last Chance” is a sweet, funny short story, the fourth and last in the “Love by the Books” series, about the adventures of two women falling in love.  It is approximately 5,500 words long (about an hour of reading or so).

It’s available right now on Smashwords.  And by tomorrow it’s going to be on BN and Amazon too.

And I am SO.  Excited!

There’s going to be a compilation edition soon as well 🙂


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