Love by the Books: Finished! Available Soon!

I just penned the ending line of my Love by the Books Series!! It goes to edits now. Part III is with my lovely wonderful editors now and I’ll be putting it out soon. I hope you’ll like it! I really enjoyed writing it.

I’ve sort of started working on two new stories, I’m hoping for these to be novellas instead of short stories. One of them is an adorable office romance and the other one is sort of set in a manor house. It’s still contemporary, but it’s got this grand setting. I’m have a delightful time trying to think of a name for the manor. Willow Lake Estates or maybe just the Willows.

It was really foggy as I headed to the day job this morning, gave everything a kind of English countryside type feel to it and made me REALLY crave tea. I imagined myself sitting beside a window with a typewriter tapping out stories onto stacks of white paper. Quelle romantique thought. Now I just need to find myself a window looking out over fields full of sheep. The window of the Starbucks looking out towards the drug store just isn’t quite the same. *laughs*

We make do. Much love to all of you!


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