Wooly Hats

I got to wear a wooly hat when I drove to work this morning! And a scarf! And long sleeves!

Such things delight me. Yes, another fall is my favorite time of year ode.

I’m getting together with some writer-y friends soon and we’ll all sit around drinking tea (or coffee) and writing up a little storm. I like to imagine us all sitting around with little tag cloud style clusters of words forming colorful clouds over our heads. Wouldn’t that be fun to watch? Of course, it would rather give one away if someone was sneaking in time on her stories while she was at the Day Job. Not that I know ANYONE who would do such a thing. Never at all.

I’m craving this curried coconut chickpea soup that I had at a little local restaurant. I should get myself onto the internet to search for recipes because WOW was it ever delicious and I really really want some more.


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