Scarce a Word!

Hello everyone!

I fell quite behind this weekend, I had intended to complete the first draft of part III of my Love by the Books series, but I got wrapped up with doing laundry, of all the mundane things. Bleh, the day job had me working a lot of extra hours the last two weeks and my writing has suffered for it, sadly. I fully intend to make up for it this week! I want to get the second story live for all of you, and the third story soon after.

Part four isn’t started yet, but I have PLANS. And I think you’ll like them.

The leaves are turning orange and red here at home and it’s just WONDERFUL. I adore the fall, pumpkin spiced everything and hot cider and crisp cool air. I need to write a romance that involves dancing in fallen leaves and a hike through the woods. Maybe a harvest party should feature.

Hope you all had lovely weekends as well, and that your weather is as nice as mine.


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