Smoothie Operator

Smoothie Operator

Would you have the courage to ask a woman out, even if you weren’t sure she was gay?

Abby Jennings feels a little out of her element going back to school to become a librarian:  she’s older than her fellow classmates and the world seems to move a heck of a lot faster than it used to.  But between classes, the busy college café offers an unexpected haven in the form of delicious smoothies…and smiles from the woman behind the smoothie counter.

Jane is absolutely gorgeous, and is always incredibly nice to Abby, but she’s supposed to be nice, isn’t she?  That’s her job.  But when Jane starts to give Abby free smoothies, Abby wonders if she’s interpreting the signals correctly:  does Jane actually like her? 

“Smoothie Operator” is a sweet, funny short story, the first in the “Love by the Books” series, about the adventures of two women falling in love.  It is approximately 5,000 words long (about an hour of reading or so).

You can buy this book now:

Buy on Smashwords  | Buy on Amazon (Kindle) |  Buy on Barnes and Noble (Nook)


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