Welcome, Dear Reader!

I’m glad you’re here.  I’m Ruby Grandin and I write books about women who love each other.  The three things I love the most in life are my wife, my writing, and my knitting, in that order.  I’m excited to be able to share the second with all of you!

My books:

Love by the Books:

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Blue haired girl stand on the ends of the earth

Coming Soon:

Working Title: Where the Heart Is
It’s Scarlett and Joan’s story, they dated in high school in secret, but couldn’t survive in the really rural town they came from. Their relationship ended and Scarlett went away to college in the big city. Many years later, after her business failed, Scarlett finds herself on a train coming back ‘home’ to a place that feels anything but home. She is shocked to Joan waiting for her at the train station.

Joan, fresh from a failed marriage, was definitely not expecting Scarlett to step off the train. She wants the past to stay in the past where it’s safe, but Scarlett’s arrival seems to have thrown everything into an uproar. Long squashed feelings are cropping up everywhere.

Can Scarlett forgive the hurt that Joan caused her in the past, can Joan accept the way she feels about Scarlett? And can they handle being together in a small town where it seems like no one else is gay?

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